Due to its high potential and encouraging results, project-based learning emerges as a highly interesting paradigm in the education systems worldwide. Moreover, robotics is an interdisciplinary field where students could learn and apply their skills in mechanics, electronics, computer science, mathematics and control  engineering. This paper presents a robotics projectbased learning methodology which focuses on collaborating with the industry to design, develop, evaluate,  integrate and manage projects designated to be used in real-life applications. This learning method emphasizes and enables the students to apprehend the  importance of fulfilling client requirements and the interactions with the client, the suppliers and with the other members of the team. The students, coached by a partner from industry, have the opportunity to apply and to improve their project management skills under a large-scale, highly complex project. This method is  being applied since 2008 at ISEN Lille, France, with good results and significant impact.

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